Maypr Pawlowski watching President Obama's nauguration.

Maypr Pawlowski watching President Obama’s nauguration.

Mayor Ed Pawlowski and his wife Lisa were invited guests at President Barack Obama’s inauguration on Monday, January 21st in Washington, D.C.  The inauguration was held on Martin Luther King Day, which added special significance to the full day of events.

“What a historical day to be in Washington,” said Mayor Pawlowski.   “I’m honored to be here again for the President.  To be in the audience to hear such an inspiring speech is special.  It fired up everyone here to the point where we forgot how cold it was.  I’m fortunate to be able to have witnessed this in person.  What a great day to be an American.”

The Pawlowski’s attended several events including the Pennsylvania Society Ball on Sunday night before attending the inauguration and parade on Monday.  Allentown ‘s first couple acknowledged the work of Allentown native Thom Browne, brother of State Representative Pat Browne, who designed first lady Michelle Obama’s inauguration dress.   “It’s a beautiful dress, of course it was designed by an Allentown native,” joked the Mayor.

The Mayor noticed how energized the crowd was now that the President has four more years to continue the progress the country has made under his leadership.  “We need to keep this momentum going,” said Pawlowski.  “You can help by contributing money so we can keep Allentown on the same forward path as the country is moving.  We’ve made a great deal of progress, but we still have a lot to accomplish in Allentown.”