Let's Move LogoMayor Ed Pawlowski was recently recognized by the National League of Cities (NLC) for the completion of several health and wellness goals for Let’s Move!  Cities, Towns and Counties (LMCTC).  LMCTC is a major component of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Initiative, which is dedicated to solving the childhood obesity problem in our country.  LMCTC asks local elected officials to adopt sustainable and holistic policies to improve community access to healthy, affordable food as well as offer a five goal program of physical activity.

The City was awarded four medals for its efforts to improve access to healthy, affordable food.  The gold medal was awarded for the city’s achievement of having at least 30% of municipally or county – owned or operated venues that offer or sell food that have implemented a policy for healthy, affordable food and adhere to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  The City previously met the standards for the bronze and then the silver benchmarks.

“I am extremely proud to accept these medals on the city’s behalf,” Mayor Ed Pawlowski said.  “The Allentown Health Bureau has worked diligently to achieve the benchmarks set forth by Let’s Move! to win these medals.  We are working hard to reduce childhood obesity in the city and the information campaign is part of our effort.”

Allentown was also honored with a bronze medal for prominently displaying “MyPlate” in at least 51% of municipally or county-owned or operated venues that offer to sell affordable, healthy food and beverages and for registering as a MyPlate Community Partner.  Displaying the MyPlate logo is intended to prompt consumers to think about a healthy plate at meal times, and are encouraged to visit the website at for more information on healthy meals.

“We congratulate and commend Allentown for its efforts to improve the health of the city’s children and families,” said NLC President Chris Coleman, mayor of Saint Paul, Minn.  “Through the leadership and dedication of local elected officials in cities, towns and counties across the country, we are beginning to see a measurable decrease in obesity rates and a cultural shift towards health.”

The City of Allentown had previously been awarded eight medals in 2012 for their achievement in reaching goals I and III; Start Early, Start Smart and Smart Servings for Students.

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