leadership-instThe Sacred Heart Hospital Conference Center recently hosted the 4th Annual Leadership Institute. The Conference, run by the Neighborhood Resident Leaders Program, featured leadership training in a variety of disciplines for both teenagers and adults.  Workshops for teens were conducted including Connecting with the Real You and Life Skills Tune Up, while adults attended seminars focusing on Cultural Sensitivity, Communication, and How to be a Servant Leader. There was also an opportunity to participate in a personal Leadership Clinic for Advanced Leadership.

The training offered during the event focused on those who are looking to make a difference in their communities. In particular, the event is targeted at those looking to coordinate neighborhood activities for the very first time, leaders looking to bring new life to neighborhood activities, and residents who are looking to refine their leadership skills.

Teenagers, in particular, were encouraged to participate in the event. Young adults who are aspiring leaders or who are actively involved in their own communities were provided the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to be an effective leader and how to deal with the problems that teenagers face.

The Connecting with the Real You session focused on how teens can stay true to their personal values in any type of situation, while the Life Skills Tune-up concentrated on time management skills, how to handle difficult situations, cultural insensitivity, and how goals can be vital for success. The Life Skills Tune-up workshop was lead by Pastor Darian and Yolanda Colbert, a husband and wife team.

Heralded by past participants as both informative and fun, the conference presents residents with an opportunity to take on positive leadership positions in their neighborhoods.  Rachel Lang says, “This workshop was an easy way to practice community building on a small manageable scale. I laughed, I thought deeply, and I think I’m better for it. Hopefully I might be able to jump right into leadership roles now that I know I can.” Carol Johnson expressed a similar sentiment, stating, “This was an excellent Leadership Workshop. I encourage any individual in a leadership position to take the next class and bring youth leaders with you. Leadership skills are always ongoing.”

Participating in the event were: HYPE Director Jenna Azar, Professor Latif Matt, Pastor Gregory Edwards, educator Shannon Mayfield, Pastor Darian and Yolanda Colbert and Senior NCBI trainer Phyllis Alexander.