CameraPartnerNewserThe City of Allentown recently announced a new partnership with City Center Investment Corporation which will bring 14 new surveillance cameras to Hamilton and Linden Streets as well as the Allentown Arts Walk.

Mayor Pawlowski and City Center Cofounder and President J.B. Reilly made the announcement during a news conference in Allentown’s Center Square.

Through this partnership, City Center will donate $150,000 to the city to replace eight of its older surveillance cameras, which are seven years old, with new and more powerful High Definition (HD) versions as well as adding three new HD surveillance cameras along the Allentown Arts Walk.  The City will cover the cost of placing three additional cameras on Center Square, bringing the total number of new HD surveillance cameras in Allentown to 14.  The eight older cameras that are being replaced will be used elsewhere in the City to further enhance safety measures for more residents.

The new cameras will be monitored by the Allentown Communications Center, who currently monitor the 130 cameras around the City.  The partnership will allow the three new cameras on the Arts Walk to be monitored by AlliedBarton, the security provider for City Center.

“The cameras are a very effective part of Allentown’s overall crime-fighting strategy,” said Mayor Pawlowski. “They are one of many tools we use to enhance public safety. It will continue to be our policy to give our citizens our maximum preventive, investigative and enforcement effort. We will continue to do everything we can to make things uncomfortable for lawbreakers,” the mayor added.

The city installed its first 12 surveillance cameras in 2007 along Hamilton Street, adding more cameras every year to form today’s 130-camera network throughout the city. The city has seen a 20 percent drop in violent crimes and burglaries in areas near the cameras, and Allentown’s graffiti problem has diminished by almost 90 percent. Camera operators regularly monitor and record activity in public areas and also monitor particular areas in response to emergency calls to the Comm Center.

“City Center is committed to helping create a safe and secure environment for our tenants, staff, visitors and the community,” Reilly said. “We want people to feel comfortable downtown, so in addition to City Center’s sophisticated security program led by AlliedBarton, we’re pleased to help add the latest surveillance technology to our neighborhood to increase situational awareness among our own security officers and the Allentown Police Department. City Center is proud that our gift will also allow several cameras to be repurposed to benefit other neighborhoods in Allentown.”

The new cameras will be installed at these locations:

• 6th & Hamilton St. N
• 6th & Hamilton St. S
• 8th & Hamilton St. N
• 8th & Hamilton St. S
• 9th & Hamilton St.
• 10th & Hamilton St.
• 8th & Linden St.
• 6th & Linden St.
• 7th & Hamilton St. (2)
• 7th & Walnut St.
• 5th & Court St.
• Emery & Court St.
• Miller Symphony Hall & Law St.