Skate Park FreshparkWhile still researching the best location of a permanent Skate Park, the City of Allentown unveiled its recently purchased portable Skate Park recently at the corner of 6th and Tilghman Streets.  The skate park can be completely disassembled, moved and reassembled in any location throughout the City.

“Until we find them a permanent home, the skaters have somewhere to grind safely and legally,” said Mayor Pawlowski.  “We can set the park up at any event so that our youth and young adults feel welcome, and gives them something fun to do.  This allows us a lot of flexibility in how and where we set it up, depending on the circumstance.”

The park includes two quarter pipes, two launch ramps, two grind rails and six boxes with ramps on two or more sides, known as “funboxes.”  The pieces can be arranged into three different configurations.  One is 60 by 60 feet, roughly the size of half a tennis court.  Another is about 55 by 66 feet, and the smallest is 32 by80 feet, intended for small parking lots and block parties.

The components, built by the California-based Freshpark, cost about $5,300 to make, and are all foldable.  The park is designed to have 10 skaters at a time.

The Mayor mentioned that he was looking into the purchase of a portable Skate Park in his State of the City Address in January, and hopes that the park is fully utilized by all skaters in the City, wherever it is located.