PML Mayor Distinguished Service

Mayor Pawlowski receives his Distinguished Service Award from the PML earlier this year

The first major convention has been booked for the new Marriott Renaissance Hotel at 7th and Hamilton Streets as the Pennsylvania Municipal League (PML) will return to Allentown for the first time in 25 years.

The three-day convention, held every June at various locations throughout the state, is expected to attract over 400 Mayors and municipal leaders to the new hotel that is part of the PPL Center Arena Complex.

“It puts us back on the map,” said Mayor Pawlowski.  “For decades, Allentown has been off the map.  In the whole Lehigh Valley, there really isn’t enough space for conferences of this size.  There’s a lot of disposable income that comes with these events.  It will help the restaurants, it will highlight and showcase the great venues we have and it will really pump new energy into town.”

The PML last held the convention here in Allentown in 1990 at what is now the Holiday Inn at 9th and Hamilton Streets.  Mayor Pawlowski has been actively recruiting organizations to come to the new $65 million, eight story, 180 room high-end hotel, which will offer luxury amenities and 20,000 square feet of meeting space, some overlooking the arena floor.

Mayor Pawlowski, who served as President of the PML last year, looks forward to the many conventions and events that the new hotel will draw.  “This is the first of many, and I’m honored that the Pennsylvania Municipal league will be the first major convention held at the Marriott.  I look forward to welcoming them in June,” he concluded.