PML Mayor Distinguished ServiceMayor Pawlowski recently received the Distinguished Service Award from the Pennsylvania Municipal League (PML) during their 115thAnnual Convention in Philadelphia.  The convention played host to both elected and appointed municipal officials from all across the Commonwealth, and featured several accredited sessions under PML’s Elected Officials Leadership Training Program.

“I am extremely honored to receive the Distinguished Service Award from the League. I have a sign above my office door that reads, ‘Never, Never, Never Give up!’ I try to take that message with me every day,” said Pawlowski. “There is so much we can accomplish when we work together.”

The annual award is given to a member of the PML by the Board of Directors to recognize outstanding examples of leadership and dedication.  Mayor Pawlowski was honored with the award for his years of excellent service to the City of Allentown and for his leadership within the PML, where he served as President for the past year and currently serves as a board officer.

During his first two terms as Mayor of the third largest City in the state, Mayor Pawlowski has brought more than $1 billion in new development projects to all corners of Allentown, and has worked tirelessly to bring over $100 million in state and federal grants to the city.  These grants were used to rebuild city parks and help develop new businesses and residencies downtown, which has resulted in a better quality of life for every neighborhood and resident.

The Mayor has streamlined operations in City Hall and increased services to the community. He has rebuilt the city’s police force from its historic lows in 2005, and over the past several years has seen crime decrease by over 26% and violent crime decline by over 19%.

His role as board officer and past president of PML led him to oversee the administration of PML’s municipal services including legislative advocacy (on both the state and federal level), publications designed to educate and inform, inquiry and research, education and training certification programs, consulting-based programs, and group insurance trusts.

Most importantly, he has championed the immediate need for municipal pension and Act 111 reforms.   Act 111 of 1968 is the current state law that provides binding arbitration to police and fire fighters in exchange for prohibition against striking.

“Mayor Ed Pawlowski has furthered the cause of municipalities in his tenure as mayor of Allentown and as president of PML,” said Executive Director Richard J. Schuettler. “The Allentown renaissance will leave a legacy to be emulated across the Commonwealth.”