Cleanup_LogoTake pride in your City and volunteer to help Mayor Pawlowski with his 8th Annual Great Allentown Clean up. Most of activity will take place on Saturday, April 26, just a few days after Earth Day on Tuesday, April 22.

As many as 700 volunteers have taken part in organized clean-up projects in past years. The Mayor is asking even more city residents, business owners, church and community group members to sign up for the program. “We’re asking all city residents, whether they own or rent, to help out and take care of their homes and sidewalks,” said Pawlowski. “If everyone pitches-in, we’ll have a tremendous impact on cleanliness across the city. It begins with each home, with each block and each neighborhood.”

The city will supply brooms, bags, dust pans and litter tongs to the volunteers to be used for the Great Allentown Cleanups, as well as provide trash pickup.

“I want all residents to be proud of their city and to help keep it clean,” said Pawlowski. “Please don’t litter, tie your trash bags, and set aside a few minutes each week to pick up the trash around your sidewalk. Taking those easy steps will enhance the look of the city and improve the quality of life for all of us.”

For more information, or to volunteer for the Great Allentown Cleanups, call the Recycling Bureau at 610-437-8729, or sign-up on-line atwww.allentownrecycles.org.