PotholeThe City of Allentown has been working hard to remove the snow from the streets.  With the amount of snow that we’ve had during this brutal winter, and the constant plowing and snow removal, the wear and tear on our streets has been especially harsh.  Unfortunately, that means potholes are appearing throughout the City.

A quick phone call from a motorist who spots a pothole can help speed the repair processes. “At least one crew is assigned to pothole repairs every day. Through mid-2013 the city had filled nearly 4,000 potholes,” said Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski. Residents are urged to contact the city’s Pothole Hotline at 610-437-8775.

“The Streets Department recording asks callers to give the exact location of the pothole along with their name and telephone number in case the city needs to reach them to ascertain a more precise location,” said Pawlowski.

Potholes occur from the freeze-thaw cycle. Water drips between cracks in the pavement from heavy vehicle travel, and as temperatures fall below freezing, the water turns to ice and expands the pavement from below. This raised pavement continues to feel pressure from the weight of cars and as the temperatures freeze again, a divot appears underneath the raised pavement, thus creating a pothole.

Potholes are filled using a PB Patcher unit attached to a dump truck that can contain hot mix material that is useable all day. The city’s goal in responding to these hotline phone calls is 24 hours for high traffic volume roads, and 24-48 hours for low volume.

Residents can reach the Pothole Hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please don’t hesitate to call. Fixing potholes now will save you from making costly repairs to your vehicle later.