Sidewalk ChalkThe recent arrest of health care protester, AJ Marin, for writing ‘derogatory’ comments outside Governor Corbett’s mansion, has spurred public action for healthcare rights. Marin, who was arrested for writing “Corbett Has Healthcare We Should Too” in sidewalk chalk on the governor’s property, has encouraged others to start speaking out for the expansion of Medicaid.

Although expanding Medicaid would not cost the state anything for the first three years, it would create 35,000 jobs and would add $3 billion to the state’s Gross Domestic Product. Despite these benefits, Corbett is still depriving 700,000 Pennsylvanians of healthcare. The Sidewalk Chalk for Healthcare movement created on Facebook is an outlet to gather supporters and show that Pennsylvania needs healthcare expansion.

Sidewalk Chalk for Healthcare encourages citizens to write their own “Corbett Has Healthcare We Should Too” message in chalk on their own sidewalk, take a picture, and then post the pictures to send a message to Harrisburg: Pennsylvanians wants healthcare, just like their Governor. Citizens are outraged that Martin was arrested for this simple act, and has furthered the anger towards Governor Corbett and his stance on Healthcare.

The best way to achieve our goal of providing more Pennsylvanians with healthcare is to work together. Through collective action we can send the message to Harrisburg and move Pennsylvania forward. Visit the Sidewalk Chalk For Healthcare Facebook page and post your picture showing your support for Healthcare for ALL Pennsylvanians by clicking on the link here: