Earlier this month in Erie, PA, Mayor Ed Pawlowski, along with Erie City Council Controller Caz Kwitowski, hosted a kick-off breakfast to introduce Citizens for Pennsylvania Progress, a Political Action Committee formed in 2012 by a group of progressive citizens who share common beliefs on progressive issues. Some of these issues include fighting for citizen’s voting rights, racial and gender equality, access to affordable health care, and quality education for our children, to name just a few.

Pawlowski discussed how Citizens for Pennsylvania Progress, (CFPP) can work to represent the social, economic and political needs of the citizens of the State of Pennsylvania. With your support of CFPP, the organization can work to get candidates elected into office who will represent these progressive ideals and be the voice of our citizens.
CFPP has now launched a website to educate fellow Pennsylvanians on the importance of progressive action. The site discusses in detail the how the organization can work to represent your concerns on a variety of topics; and it allows people to actively participate by joining in forums on progressive issues and providing donations.

Visit the website to become an active participant in progressive action, receive updates on issues and local events, and most importantly help keep Pennsylvania moving forward, because forward is the only way to go. Visit the website by clicking on the link here: