QuinnipiacThe latest Quinnipiac University poll on potential challengers to current Governor Tom Corbett, shows that if Mayor Ed Pawlowski were to run in the 2014 Pennsylvania Governor’s race, he would beat Governor Tom Corbett by at least six percent.   The poll asked likely voters, “If the election for Governor were being held today, and the candidates were Ed Pawlowski the Democrat and Tom Corbett the Republican, for whom would you vote?”  The answer: Pawlowski, 44 percent over Corbett, 38 percent.  Overall, Corbett’s popularity is slumping among the states’ residents.  Fifty-three percent of voters said the governor does not deserve reelection, to 35 percent who said he does.  Women disapprove of Corbett’s job performance 53 percent to 33 percent.  Pawlowski leads all Democratic contenders, except Joe Sestak, in support among women.

As the unemployment rate climbs while the nation’s falls, it is clear voters are looking for a new Governor, who knows how to help cities and towns grow jobs and create economic security.  Currently here in Allentown, there is over one billion dollars of new economic development and thousands of jobs being created as a result the creation of the Neighborhood Improvement Zone (the first of its kind in Pennsylvania) which received bipartisan support in both the state house and senate.

When asked about his potential run for Governor, Pawlowski said, “I am honored to be considered and I’m excited that this latest poll shows that the people of Pennsylvania view me as problem solver and would support me as their next Governor.  However, I am currently focused on serving the residents of Allentown as Mayor and continuing the great work that my administration has started.”