MAYOR CUOn Monday, January 14th, Mayor Ed Pawlowski stood in front of a packed  house inside the I.B.E.W. Union Hall to announce his intentions to run for re-election as Mayor of Allentown. “This Mayor has done more for this city than any Mayor in recent history,” said Brett Helfrich President of the Lehigh Valley Building Trades, who introduced Pawlowski.  “He’s been good for everyone who lives or works in this city.  Allentown needs Ed Pawlowski.”

Pawlowski is completing his second term as the Mayor of Allentown, which has seen significant economic development like the revitalization of the Seventh Street Corridor and the start of the arena project during the last two years.

“Since my first day as mayor, I promised that I would “build a better Allentown” by making City Hall a catalyst for change,” Pawlowski told the crowd of supporters. “ I have worked hard to fulfill that promise.  I have streamlined operations in city hall and increased services to the community.  In the last four years we have accomplished many things to make our streets safer, provide strong fiscal management, encourage economic development, be stewards of our parks and foster community development.  We have reduced crime year after year, balanced budgets without raising property taxes, created billions of dollars in economic development, built a new state of the art handicapped accessible park and transformed some of Allentown’s most challenging neighborhoods. However, we have more work to do in all these areas over the next four years,” he said to enthusiastic applause.