Powerlines downed by Hurricane Sandy

The City of Allentown endured Hurricane Sandy as it reached the Lehigh Valley on Monday, October 29th.  High wind gusts knocked down trees around the city resulting in massive power outages for city residents, but the city was spared the flooding that was expected from the storm.

“My house lost power, as did most residents,” said Mayor Pawlowski.  “Without the predicted rain we had no major flooding, which could have made things a lot worse.  I know a lot of us were inconvenienced without power, but we made out better than the Jersey Shore and New York City did.  I want to thank our Public Works crews and our Police and Fire personnel who worked throughout the storm.  They did a heck of a job.  We also need to thank the PPL crews and private contractors who helped restore our power.  They had an impossible task and worked around the clock until the job was done.”

The Red Cross opened an emergency shelter at Ag Hall during the storm, and then one at Dieruff High School to offer food, clothing and shelter.  Several supermarkets like Weis, Wegmans and Redners provided free ice to those without power, while PPL offered reimbursement for ice purchased at other locations. Some area restaurants offered free hot meals to those without power as well.

“I also want to thank those local businesses that stepped up to help as well,” added the Mayor.  “We showed we are a true community by everyone working together to help those in need.  I’m very proud of how Allentown made it through this storm.  This is what makes our city great.”