The City of Allentown has notified seven companies that they may bid on Allentown’s exploration of a Concession and Lease agreement for its water and sewer services.  These seven were chosen from numerous submissions because of their vast experience with water and wastewater facilities management as well as their experience in the region.  They are: Aqua Pennsylvania, American Water, Access Capital, Lehigh County Authority, Macquarie, NDC Housing and United Water.

“All seven of these companies are first-rate and we will choose the company that is the best fit for the residents of Allentown,” said Mayor Pawlowski.  “Even though we’re still working on this plan and working it out with City Council, we want to find the right company to work with once this plan has been thoroughly explored and finalized.”

These seven entities were pre-qualified to bid based on extensive research on each company.  This completes the first stage of Allentown’s due diligence in screening entities that will be invited to submit bids for this plan, and the city will continue the process with the next step of performance evaluations, and review of financing plans.

“This plan would make the pension fund solvent, and put the city on solid, financial footing for years to come,” concluded Pawlowski.

For more information on the proposed plan, please visit:  Public Questions Statements_Water Sewer Lease Public Meetings_Aug 2012