Mayor Pawlowski returned from attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. fired up and ready to move forward.  “All the speeches were great,” said Pawlowski.  “The President’s speech was very inspiring and really fired up the arena.  The energy and excitement was just off the charts.  The speech by former President Bill Clinton was just amazing.  He didn’t need to use any furniture to get his point across, just the facts.  The message was crystallized and focused.  The reasons to re-elect the President are very clear.”

Mayor Pawlowski and City Council President Julio Guridy represented Allentown as Pennsylvania delegates.  “It was an amazing experience,” added Pawlowski.  “I was honored to be in the same arena with all of those great Democrats.  We’re all fired up and ready to do our part to move this country forward by re-electing the President and all the great democratic candidates running in November.”