ImageNow that we know that Mitt Romney’s running mate will be U.S. Representative Paul Ryan, it makes it more vital than ever to do whatever we can to re-elect President Barack Obama.  Ryan is the architect of the Republican Budget, which would turn Medicare into a voucher program, increasing seniors’ costs by up to $6,350 per year. It would also slash education and clean energy funding, along with other middle-class investments critical to economic growth—while raising taxes on millions of middle-class families to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.  This extreme plan also adds a trillion dollars to the defense budget and they have trillions of dollars in tax cuts they haven’t explained how they’re going to pay for.

Please stop by our local OFA office at 1031 W. Linden St. in Allentown or call 484-891-1031 and donate whatever you can, either money, supplies or volunteer hours, so we can continue the positive direction forward that President Obama has us on.