On Thursday, August 9th, five recent police academy graduates were among six officers who received their City of Allentown Police Department badges during a ceremony in City Council chambers.

Mayor Ed Pawlowski and Police Chief Roger MacLean presided as badges were pinned on officers Elene Poliseno, Ismael Segarra, John Perez, Anthony Bowland, Victor Diaz-Gonzalez and Jason Hillis.

“I am honored to tell the members of the audience, including family and friends of these officers, how impressed I am by the day to day dedication of the men and women of our police department,” said Pawlowski.  “They perform a stressful job. Recent events in Colorado and Wisconsin remind us that we live in a dangerous world, but we are able to breathe somewhat easier knowing that police officers are doing their best to protect the rest of us from harm. It is important that we take the time at ceremonies like these to acknowledge their efforts.”

“These officers are now beginning the field portion of their training,” said MacLean. “They will face new challenges over the next four months, but when they are done they will be ready to be top flight Allentown police officers.”

Poliseno, Segarra, Perez, Bowland and Diaz-Gonzalez graduated from the 20 week course at the Allentown Police Academy and underwent three more weeks at the academy on advanced training techniques and department policies and procedures specific to the Allentown Police Department. Hillis was already Act 120 certified. These six police officers have recently begun their platoon assignments, and will be working with a Field Training Officer. The instruction period with the Field Training Officer will last at least 16 weeks before the officers will begin patrolling on their own.