Redeveloping the Nueweiler Brewery


Waterfront ProjectConsultants for the City of Allentown and Allentown Economic Development Corporation made a presentation on their Neuweiler Brewery Reuse and Rehabilitation Study on Tuesday, July 10 at the America on Wheels Museum for a group of elected officials, including Mayor Pawlowski, business owners, and interested citizens.

A team headed by Cornerstone Consulting Engineers and Architects of Allentown has been conducting a detailed analysis of the property and former Neuweiler facilities in conjunction with the Lehigh River Waterfront Master Plan.  The project was supported jointly by a grant from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and the United States Environmental Protection Agency through a sub-grant from the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation’s Land Recycling Initiative.

The Lehigh River Waterfront Master Plan project consulting team from EDSA, Inc. of Baltimore previously conducted public meetings on the Lehigh River Waterfront Master Plan in September and December of 2011 and March of this year.  “We’re excited by what we saw, this will make a great addition to the Waterfront Re-development,” said Mayor Pawlowski.  “Along with the Arena, we’re giving people reasons to come to downtown Allentown again.  When this project is completed, the Waterfront will be a prime destination for locals and tourists alike.”