Getting Unwanted Guns Off the Street


Residents of the City of Allentown had an opportunity to rid themselves of unwanted firearms during the Gun Buyback Program recently held on Saturday, July 7th  at St. Luke’s Evangelical Church.  The response was overwhelming, and the Police Department ran out of the $100 Kmart gift cards given in return for each firearm that was turned in. Names and addresses were collected so those who did not receive a gift card could be mailed one.

The gun buyback program was a collaborative effort on the part of Mayor Ed Pawlowski and the members of Allentown City Council, and was coordinated by the Allentown Police Department.  There was $5,000 budget for the gift cards which was given to the program for the Allentown City Council budget as well as collected drug forfeiture money.   It is the city’s first gun buyback program in several years, and 114 guns were collected.

“The program allowed residents to dispose of unwanted guns in the proper manner while receiving something useful and valuable to them at the same time,” said Pawlowski.  “I’m pleased and grateful that City Council worked with the administration and the police department in this effort.  The response was overwhelming and I want to thank